Surgery and Dental Implants

Oral surgery is a field of dentistry that encompasses different types of treatment, depending on the pathology of the patients. In our dental clinic in Oliva we offer a variety of surgical interventions to address various diseases or defects of the teeth and gums. Among the most common treatments in this area are the placement of dental implants, gum grafts, gingivectomies, and tooth extractions.

Infected pulp and decay on teeth graphic.
The dentists at the Dentoliva Clinic are highly qualified to carry out these interventions thanks to his extensive experience and training. In addition, our facilities are prepared to carry out this type of surgeries under local anaesthesia or conscious sedation to inhibit patients' sensation of pain.

Dental operations and surgeries

The most common dental surgeries are:

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Dental Implantology

This technique is used once the affected teeth have been extracted and with the subsequent placement of dental implants that perform the same function and improve oral health.

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Dental Extraction

This surgery is performed when teeth are growing in the wrong places. This type of oral problem can sometimes be very painful and cause other problems.

Icon implantology and cosmetic surgery


In addition to solving our patients' dental problems, at the Dentoliva Clinic we carry out surgical treatments that help our patients to improve their smile. The most common aesthetic dental treatments are those related to the placement of veneers.
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In this surgical procedure, the source of infection is eliminated in order to prevent tooth loss. The treatment consists of opening the gum to access the area to be treated and directly eliminate the pathology and ailment.

We are dentists who are experts in dental surgery and
dental implantology in Oliva.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is the artificial replacement of a tooth or a molar that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. In our clinic we use the latest materials in dental implantology so that do not provoke a rejection reaction and are integrated into the bone in a healthy and natural way.

Explanatory diagram of dental implant. First step, emptying the tooth.

Emptying of the tooth.

Explanatory diagram of dental implant. Second step, implant placement and gingival integration.

Implant placement and integration.

Explanatory diagram of dental implant. Third step, abutment implantation.

Pillar placement.

Explanatory diagram of dental implant. Fourth step, crown placement on dental implant...

Crown placement.

Explanatory diagram of dental implant. Last step, check-up and hygiene.

Screening and hygiene.

Our specialists in dental implantology at Oliva carry out a thorough study of each case. The intervention is simple and painless, and once the period of integration and healing of the implant to the bone has passed, which usually lasts about three months, the crown is placed. In order for the treatment to be a success, it is essential to follow the schedule of check-ups and oral hygiene prescribed by the implantologist.

At Dentoliva Clinic we are specialists in dental surgery and dental operations in Oliva and the surrounding area. We solve common problems that can deal with gums to more complex issues that require a more specific dental surgery. If you have any questions consult with our specialists.

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