Conscious Sedation

The patients of the Dentoliva Clinic can face any dental treatment in a relaxed and nerve-free manner, thanks to the conscious sedation.

This type of anaesthesia is recommended for those who suffer from fear, nervousness or anxiety when visiting the dentist. and for patients presenting with special conditions.

Patient on couch receives conscious sedation prior to surgery

The conscious sedation is usually applied primarily in surgeries and implants, but it is also suitable for any other dental procedure such as tooth extraction or tooth endodontics.

This type of sedation is also indicated for the following people who suffer from a high level of stress when undergoing a dental procedure. If this is your case, we recommend that you talk to our dentists in Oliva and explain your case to them. to see if they can use this type of anaesthesia for your treatment.

Young patient responds to preparatory test for conscious sedation

When this type of anaesthesia is applied to our patients, a series of tests are carried out. preoperative tests.

As in any intervention of this kind, we conducted a questionnaire The patient's general state of health, an electrocardiogram and a coagulation test by means of a blood test.

Our facilities in Oliva have an exclusive cabinet where we carry out the treatments with conscious sedation and is supervised at all times by an anaesthetist.

We are expert dentists in surgery and sedation treatments in Oliva.

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A couple waits accompanied after an operation with conscious sedation.

The patient undergoing dental surgery under conscious sedation remains semi-conscious at all times.

This type of anaesthesia provides a feeling of wellbeing during the operation and therefore you will feel no pain or discomfort at any time during the treatment.

After the operation, the patient needs a couple of hours to recover, so we always recommend that you come to the clinic accompanied by a relative or trusted person as they will feel drowsy and lack reflexes.

Applying this type of sedation requires a greater technical and human resources, so not all dental clinics are able to offer it to their patients.

In the Dentoliva Clinic we are characterised by the fact that we realise innovative, pioneering and painless treatments so that our patients feel comfortable when undergoing any type of dental treatment.

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