Conservative Dentistry

The conservative dentistry The aim of our dentists in Oliva is to maintain natural teeth; to this end, our dentists in Oliva work with a single objective in mind: taking care of your teeth to make them last a lifetime. This part of dentistry encompasses treatments aimed at saving and maintaining the patient's natural teeth in the mouth. The most common procedures in conservative dentistry are the following fillings (dental fillings) and root canals.

Explanatory graphic on the steps to be carried out in the filling of a dental cavity.


Commonly known as fillings, this treatment is carried out in order to restore the part of a tooth that has been damaged by the presence of caries. With this process restores the tooth structure by means of a filling material. This method provides our patients with correct aesthetics as well as achieving a good seal that prevents the lesion from recurring or bacteria from advancing and infecting the dental nerve.

Explanatory graphic on endodontic steps.


This treatment consists of the removal of nerve tissue from the tooth in order to end the patient's pain. Before this treatment is carried out, the case is thoroughly analysed to determine the extent of the dental lesion. Once the patient's tooth is anaesthetised, the tooth is disinfected and the nerve is removed and the tooth is reconstructed.

Explanatory graphic on dental reconstruction and inlay.

Reconstruction / Inlaying

A Dental inlay is a partial restoration used to rehabilitate teeth affected by a loss of tooth structure; This may be caused by a carious lesion or due to severe wear or fissure.

Dental inlays and onlays are treatments minimally invasive methods that fully preserve undamaged tooth structure which allows us to recover the functionality of the piece, they are very aesthetic restorations (as they mimic the shade of our teeth) and they also have a much higher strength than dental fillings.

We are experts in conservative dentistry in Oliva.

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Patient's teeth after conservative dentistry treatment.Patient's teeth after conservative dentistry treatment.

The experts in conservative dentistry at Dentoliva Clinic have extensive experience in this type of treatment and aim to ensure that our patients are satisfied with the work carried out at all times. It is important to be aware that restorative treatments of teeth and tissues are extremely significant both aesthetically and for good oral health. Our dentists in Oliva are specialists in the restoration of tooth tissues devastated by caries, trauma or other types of alterations in order to avoid the extraction of the damaged areas.

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