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Dental services in Oliva

For our team of dentists our priority is our patients. In our dental clinic in Oliva we are involved to 100% to give you the best possible treatment, making a correct diagnosis from the beginning to offer the best results for your dental problems. We are specialists in various areas of dentistry, the most important of which are oral surgery and implantology, orthodontics and the aesthetic dentistry our most outstanding services.

Clinica dental oliva - Dentoliva - dental implants

Implantology and Oral Surgery

Our dental clinic in Oliva has become a point of reference in implantology and oral surgery. This technique allows us to reconstruct the smile of our patients in the most natural way thanks to our advanced methodologies in dental implantology. Consult our implantology dentists and boast a beautiful smile.

dental clinic oliva clarity advance orthodontics


At Dentoliva Clinic we correct smiles thanks to our fixed orthodontic and removable orthodontic treatments. Find out more without obligation, regardless of your age, and boast a healthy and beautiful smile. Our orthodontists in Oliva will carefully study your case to offer you the best results for your dental problems.

Aesthetic dentistry - dentist in oliva

Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most popular treatments requested by our cosmetic dentistry patients is the tooth whitening. If you are looking for an outstanding and professional teeth whitening treatment in Oliva, then you are in the right place. ask our dentists about our Zoom method. We also offer other aesthetic treatments such as porcelain or composite veneers, as well as dental inlays and onlays.

Our services

Clínica Dentoliva offers its patients a wide range of dental treatments in order to preserve their oral health. From routine procedures such as oral cleanings to more complex dental services such as restorative surgeries, implantology, conservative dentistry, teeth whitening or root canals, our professionals in Oliva will be happy to advise you!

Conservative dentistry icon

Conservative Dentistry

We are experts in conservative dentistry in Oliva. Our professionals are committed to minimally invasive treatments for ailments such as caries, trauma or alterations in dental development.

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Dental Surgery and Implantology

Oral surgery requires great skill. At Clínica Dentoliva we are dentists specialising in oral surgery and dental implants and we offer solutions adapted to each dental problem. Tailor-made surgical interventions.

icon periodontics


This dental speciality treats diseases that affect the gums, such as periodontitis. To avoid this type of periodontal ailment, it is important to visit the dentist, have regular check-ups and oral cleanings.

Endodontics icon


We are specialists in performing root canal treatment on teeth with deep cavities in order to remove the pulp or nerve of the diseased tooth with the aim of restoring the patient's oral health.
Girl shows dental problem

Paediatric Dentistry

In our dental clinic in Oliva we take it very seriously that children's patients do not fear their future visits to the dentist; that is why we strive to make their experience as positive as possible. Paediatric dentistry treats problems related to teething, caries, trauma and bite problems. Are you looking for a paediatric dentist in Oliva? Make an appointment with us.

Patient using 3D dental radiology

3D Dental Radiology

Our dental clinic in Oliva has the latest technology and the most advanced equipment. Such as the Carestream 9.000 - 3D system that allows us three-dimensional diagnostic visualisation, which is of great help when carrying out a correct dental assessment. Especially in surgery, endodontics and implantology.

Hyaluronic acid injection in cheekbone and expression marks.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid treatments performed at Clínica Dentoliva are designed to blur the frown lines around the lips. This allows us to increase the volume, moisturises them and outlines their contour, making our smile look radiant. Find out more about our hyaluronic acid treatments in Oliva.

Anaesthetist prepares for conscious sedation of patient

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a technique that is applied intravenously in our own facilities and is intended to facilitate patient relaxation. This sedation allows the patient to remain conscious throughout the dental process and is therefore indicated for people with a high level of anxiety and fear of the dentist.

Zoom UV / photoactivation tooth whitening machine

Tooth Whitening

The type of tooth whitening must be adapted to the characteristics of each patient in order to obtain the most beneficial results for them. For this reason, at the Dentoliva Clinic we offer our patients various types of treatments such as photoactivated tooth whitening or tooth whitening with splints.

Oral Health Tips

Poor oral hygiene is not exclusively associated with dental problems; poor care of our mouth, teeth and gums can cause more serious problems in our body. Therefore, it is essential to follow the advice of our dentist. Remember: good oral health is important not only for your mouth, but also for your body.

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