Paediatric Dentistry

At the Dentoliva Clinic we are specialists in the treatment of paediatric dentistry (often identified as "children's dentist"). In order to prevent dental problems in adulthood, the paediatric dentists at our clinic in Oliva attend to and treat the different oral diseases of children until they have finished growing. Tooth care begins with the appearance of teeth; that is why in our clinic we think it is teaching children how to take care of their mouths is essential.

child afraid of the dentist closes his mouth
The dental habits adopted by our children can be decisive when it comes to prevent future complications in our oral health. In addition, making routine visits to the children's dentist with them avoid generating future fears.

Paediatric dentistry / children's dentist treatments

Among the most common diseases that we treat in our clinic in Oliva are the following ones dental caries in children, as well as dental trauma. Blows and accidents are very common among children and, therefore, it is important to treat dental injuries, as they are a cause of injury to the teeth. these can affect the permanent dentition. In addition to these, at the Dentoliva Clinic we carry out all types of paediatric dentistry treatments.

treatment icon with groove and fissure sealants.

Groove and fissure sealants

In order to protect children's teeth from decay, this method fills cracks in the tooth surface to prevent future decay.

icon pulpectomy, removal of the dental pulp


This treatment is similar to endodontics in adults, except that the caries affects a baby tooth.

Icon for obturation or filling treatment in paediatric dentistry.

Filling or Filling

More commonly known as a filling, this technique is used by our paediatric dentists to treat caries.

Icon for fluoride application in paediatric dentistry.

Fluoride Application

This preventive treatment aims to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay in children.

Icon of orthodontics and dental orthopaedics in paediatric dentistry.

Orthodontics and Orthopaedics

In order to correct alterations or anomalies in the dental development of children, our clinic in Oliva specialises in orthopaedics and orthodontics for children.

We are experts in paediatric dentistry in Oliva.

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At the Dentoliva Clinic we are convinced that prevention is the best treatment, and in the case of children even more so. For this reason, we invite you to visit our facilities and enjoy a first check-up completely free of charge. In addition to carrying out a complete study, we will help the little ones to enjoy their visit to the dentist and to instilling healthy oral hygiene habits in order to encourage them to grow up with a healthy and beautiful smile.
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