Improve the alignment and bite of teeth, for children and adults, thanks to our dental specialists and the latest orthodontic treatments in Oliva. If you are thinking of improving your smile book a consultation with the specialists of the Dentoliva Clinic to find the right procedure for you and show off your beautiful smile!

The orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry that studies, prevents and corrects alterations in dental development; rectifying the position of our teeth is not only a matter of aesthetics, since jaw alterations are not just a matter of can affect masticatory function. In recent years, orthodontic treatments have increased notably, especially among adults who want to improve their expression. At Dentoliva Clinic we carry out a complete orthodontic study and offer our patients all the options to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.

Hand holding removable invisible braces.

Invisible Orthodontics

This treatment is very aesthetic, due to the fact that being clear aligners are invisible to the naked eye compared to metal brackets. Another advantage of this type of orthodontic treatment is that they are removable and can be removed for eating and brushing teeth, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Once the preliminary study has been carried out, the necessary records are taken and the clear aligners are made to measure. The duration of treatment varies from case to case.

Doctor shows patient a model with orthodontic braces in aesthetic ceramic brackets.

Metal brackets and aesthetic brackets.


  • Metal Brackets:

    The metal brackets are the conventional solution for patients who want to correct the position of their teeth in an effective and traditional way; these are often chosen by teenagers or people who are looking for a more traditional way to correct the position of their teeth. economical, effective and resistant to correct your smile.


  • Aesthetic Braces:

    The Aesthetic braces are the second most aesthetic option available. The material used for our aesthetic brackets is the ceramics and thanks to its ivory colour go virtually unnoticed as well as performing its function perfectly.

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Girl shows invisible braces and brackets on model for paediatric dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry

Treatments in children are usually carried out at from the age of 7 and serve to guide the tooth as it grows out of the maxillary bone and jaw. The main priority is to correcting the child's bite while still in the growth phase; At the Dentoliva Clinic we not only work on children's teeth, but we also resolve bone deformities that can lead to future complications.

Detail of lingual orthodontics in patient's mouth.

Lingual Orthodontics

Incognito lingual orthodontics is a technique which results in 100% is imperceptible because it is made with ultra-thin brackets, custom-made for each patient, which are placed on the inside of the tooth. This is an aesthetic orthodontics that corrects any problem related to the alignment and bite of the teeth. This technique is one of the most requested by adults as lingual brackets, in addition to being They are imperceptible, generate less speech and tongue discomfort and are effective and hygienic.

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