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Our dental clinic in Oliva consists of a team of oral health specialists trained in different branches of dentistry. The aim of these Oliva dentists is to preserving the oral health of your patients thanks to the personalised treatment, the training of your dentists and the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our dentists in Oliva perform all kinds of services: restorative surgeries, implantology, orthodontics, conservative dentistry o endodontics.

In addition, we provide services related to the aesthetic dentistry as veneers and teeth whitening o hyaluronic acid injections.

Top rated dentists in Oliva.

We are the best rated dental clinic by our clients in Oliva. Make an appointment with us and see why.

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Muy satisfecha con los resultados que estoy obteniendo con mi ortodoncista Carmen y mi higienista Ángela. 🦷🪥❤️
Andreu Coti
Andreu Coti
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Personal amable, buen trato y profesionalidad, muy satisfecho con el resultado de mi tratamiento
Ruben B R
Ruben B R
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Trato excelente. Atentos , amables y cercanos
Adrian Verdugo
Adrian Verdugo
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No hay palabras, el trato al paciente es más que excelente, faltan estrellas para poder valorar , limpieza , organización , trato , todo de 10 ! Equipo joven y comprometido con muchísimo tacto, empatía, cercanía … no cambieis nunca chicas ! ❤️
Andrea Simeon
Andrea Simeon
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Repetiría sin duda! Trato excelente, trabajo impecable Mi clínica de confianza
Victoria Soler Sanmartín
Victoria Soler Sanmartín
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Me encanta esta clínica! Además de lo fácil que es encontrarla y lo bien cuidada y moderna que es, lo mejor son las personas que trabajan en ella. El equipo es profesional y cercano, te explican todo al detalle y siempre te dan soluciones. Muy atentos/as y amables! La recomiendo cien por cien.
LaTeoria del Videojuego
LaTeoria del Videojuego
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Excelentes profesionales. Excelente trato a los niños. Se molestan en explicarles lo que van a hacer para reducirles la ansiedad.Todo muy limpio, atentos y amables.
Dolores Tur Puig
Dolores Tur Puig
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Excelente, buenos profesionales, buenas personas, y muy contenta, mi sonrisa espectacular, para mí genial
Joan Marc FP
Joan Marc FP
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Immillorable! Des del primer moment, l'atenció i el tracte no ha pogut ser millor: sempre tens una atenció personalitzada i molt agradable des de la recepció fins als dentistes que et tracten. Els preus no són elevats, proporcionen diversos mètodes de pagament i tots els tractaments que et fan i recomanen són pel teu bé i la salut de la teua boca. Tenen atenció d'ortodòncia i dentista diversos dissabtes al mes i això està molt bé perquè entre setmana les persones que treballem fins tard o fora d'Oliva no podem anar i el dissabte sí. És el meu centre dental de referència i el recomane sempre que em pregunten!

History of the Dentoliva Clinic

Dentoliva is a close family dental clinic, whose primary concern is the health of their patients.

This clinic concept was founded 30 years ago in the town of L'Eliana (Valencia) by Dr. Ricardo and Dr. Laura, two Argentinians in love with our country who decided to take up residence and practice their profession in this Valencian town.

For years they have been instilling a love of dentistry and the importance of each patient's oral health in their child. Nacho, and subsequently to his daughter-in-law Carmen, who today have taken up the legacy of this clinic.

Over time Nacho and Carmen decided to expand the philosophy of their predecessors, as well as all the knowledge acquired through their extensive training, by creating their own dental clinic in Oliva, Dentoliva.

In it, thanks to the great professional team that composes it, have managed to become one of the most important dental clinics in the world. and professionals in the area.

Dentoliva Team

For the Dentoliva Clinic team, patients are the priority.

The professionals who form part of the team at our dental clinic in Oliva are care and involve 100% with their patients in order to offer them the best possible treatment, and developing from the outset a complete diagnosis in order to offer you the best solutions.

Dentista Oliva: Doctor Ignacio Colombo, Prosthodontist Surgeon.

Dr. Ignacio Colombo.

Prosthodontic Surgeon

Degree in Dentistry from the UAX in 2011.

Dentist Oliva: Dr. Carmen Gemelli. Master in Orthodontics and Orthopaedics.

Dr. Carmen Gemelli.

Master Orthodontics and Orthopaedics

Degree in Dentistry from the UAX in 2011.

Dentist Oliva: Dr. Carmen Marco. Endodontist and aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Carmen Marco

Endodontist and dental aesthetics

Degree in Dentistry from the UV in 2010.

Doctor Veronica Arbona, anaesthesiologist at Clínica Dentoliva

Dr. Verónica Arbona


Graduated in Medicine from the US in 2012.

Ángela Cotaina. Reception Manager

Ángela Cotaina

Reception Manager

Advanced degree in oral hygiene.

Mónica Piqueres. Clinical assistant.

Monica Piqueres

Clinical Assistant

We are dentists who are experts in dental surgery and
dental implantology in Oliva.

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Technology and facilities - Dentista Oliva

At Dentoliva clinic we have the following products available latest technological developments in order to maximise the accuracy of our diagnostics, and with it, the treatments we recommend and apply to our patients.

patient receives 3d x-ray

3D dental radiography

The The latest technology in dentistry for maximum precision in our diagnostics.

This type of x-ray offers our dentists in Oliva the possibility of maximum possible information and also have minimal radiation for our patients.

Dentista Oliva - detail of periapical radiography

Periapical radiography

The Periapical radiographs are among the most commonly used in dentistry.

For this reason, in our clinic in Oliva we have the following equipment more precise and cutting-edge to obtain badges that will allow us to allow the tooth to be explored in its entirety.

Ultraviolet zoom whitening device

Zoom whitening lamp

The ZOOM bleaching lamp that we use in the Dentoliva Clinic is a safe, fast, effective and non-invasive method which allows our dentists in Oliva to whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.

If you are thinking about having a whitening treatment contact us and we will inform you.

photographic studio in dentoliva clinic

Photographic Studio

In our aim to achieve a In harmony with facial aesthetics at the Dentoliva Clinic we have a photographic studio. where we conducted a live analysis of our patients.

Thanks to this, we manage to draw perfect smiles.

sterilisation room in dentoliva clinic

Sterilisation Room

The health of our patients is of paramount importance to the entire Dentoliva Clinic team.

For this reason, we have a separate, fully-equipped sterilisation room following the rules laid down by the Regional Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health.

ergonomic chair in dentoliva clinic

Ergonomic Chairs

At the Dentoliva Clinic we take it very seriously that our patients are comfortable at all times.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest generation of viscoelastic chairs, that allow us to make visiting the Oliva dentist as pleasant an experience as possible.

Patient under conscious sedation receiving intervention at dentoliva clinic

Conscious Sedation

Dentist Oliva: we offer our patients the option of surgical or long-term treatments, under conscious sedation.

It is also a good option for those who suffer from fear of the dentist. If you have any doubts consult with our specialists at Clínica Dentoliva.

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