Dental Prostheses

In the Dentoliva Clinic we are specialists in dental prostheses. The function of a dental prosthesis is to rehabilitate our patients' dentition in its physiological functions - such as chewing and swallowing food - as well as to avoid other problems such as pronunciation difficulties.

The loss of teeth causes displacement of the remaining teeth, making proper dental hygiene difficult, which increases the risk of contracting other oral diseases. For this reason, it is important to put yourself in the hands of our dentist to solve the problem and replace the missing teeth.

dentist fabricating upper fixed dental prosthesis implant

If you are thinking of resorting to a dental prosthesis to improve your smile we recommend that you consult with our dental specialists in Oliva, they advise you at all times on which is the most appropriate option for you.

Sometimes there is more than one prosthetic solution for the same mouth, in which case the dentist should explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these prostheses.

Finally, the patient will be the one who, after being advised by the dentist, will choose one option over another, taking into account factors such as: their oral health, the comfort sought or even the price of the treatment.

Removable Prostheses and Fixed Prostheses

Removable Prosthesis

The removable prosthesis is the one commonly known as the dentures. It is one that the patient is free to remove and insert.

They are also known as mucodentosoportadas and ensure that they are held in place by the gum and the prosthesis itself. Nowadays there are totally aesthetic options for the patient to be satisfied, and they can be made of resin or metal.

Fixed Prosthesis

The fixed prostheses are fully denture-supported prostheses and are custom-made for each patient, replacing one or more missing teeth.

Fixed prostheses can be crowns (colloquially called casings), implants, bridges o hybrid prostheses.

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