Cosmetic Dentistry

At the Dentoliva Clinic we offer our patients aesthetic dentistry treatments with the aim of solving problems related to oral health and aesthetic harmony. Thanks to the technological advances, in our clinic in Oliva you can find different techniques and treatments to help you improve your confidence and self-esteem. When we think of aesthetic dentistry treatments come to mind, such as tooth whitening or veneers, but there are more procedures that can help you perfect your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments at the Dentoliva Clinic

In addition to having as its main objective maintaining and preserving the function of the teeth, at present, in our clinic in Oliva, we perform dental treatments with a strong aesthetic factor involved. These are generally simple, painless, short-lasting treatments that do not require a long time to start working. notice improvements and visible changes.

Among the methods most commonly used by our dentists are the following teeth whitening, the veneers and the hyaluronic acid.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening carried out by the professionals of the Dentoliva Clinic provide our patients with a whiter and more uniform colour, effectively removing stains from the teeth with the most current and cutting-edge techniques in dental aesthetics.

Make an appointment and we will inform you free of charge.We carry out a study of your smile and help you choose the treatment that best suits your needs.


The dental veneers are perfect for masking or covering up problems caused in the teeth, from fractures of enamel or dental alterations up to colour changes.

There are different models and variants, mainly depend on the material they are made of: composite or porcelain. Find out about the latest advances in this field at our clinic in Oliva.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid is perfect to complement the rehabilitation treatments carried out at the Dentoliva Clinic.

Thanks to the rehabilitators of this treatment we rejuvenate and beautify our patients' smiles.

Infiltrations of hyaluronic acid immediately improve the appearance. They are often used in the periorbuccal area, barcode wrinkles, lip contouring and lip volume, as well as in other treatments such as the gummy smile and in order to filling the interdental papillae.

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